Yoel Sharon  Filmmaker, Social Innovator, Inspiring Lecturer
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One Battle Too Many

Feature documentary with animation film (86 min')
Details of The Yom Kippur War’s traumatic, final battle, for the town of Suez, have been clouded in silence for nearly 40 years.  Yoel Sharon, who was seriously wounded, goes in search of information to bring some kind of closure for the traumatized soldiers still alive and the families of their fallen comrades.
Director: Yoel Sharon
Animation director: Sharon Gazit – Pil Animation Studio
Script: Yoel Sharon, Yalon Gorevich
Producer: Yoel Sharon
Editor: Yaniv Raiz Shefy
Cinematographers: Deva Mellman, Eli Cohen
Original Music: Eldad Zitrin and Nir Mimon
Sound design: Ami Arad
Production manager: Yafit Shalev
Assistant director: Danielle Sharon
Sharon films
Makor Foundation of films and TV
Channel 10
Natal - Israel Trauma Center for Victims of Terror and War
Madeus Investments

Channel 10 (Israel TV)- September 2013
Haifa International Film Festival- September 2013
Tel Aviv Cinematheque- September- October 2013
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